The New World Order  is the idea that certain elite people in the world would like to conspire together to create a totalitarian one world government where most of people's freedoms would be taken away as we were constantly spyed on and  controlled by technology and things would be arranged to only benefit the elite.  This would probably include corporate and elite control of the production and distribution of food and energy along with other goods.  There is speculation that part of the plan is to drastically reduce the human population.  Others believe that Israel will be a key component of this scheme and the elite would cause some kind of end of the world  armegeddon scenario where some kind of messiah would be introduced but then they really would turn out to be the antichrist and the Luciferian order would be ushered in.  Some people think that some kind of crisis would be manufactured (geopolitical, environmental, health, terrorism, aliens etc.)so that most people of the world would accept this form of government or we would be made to think it would be a beneficial thing for the world until we realized too late what it really was all about. 

     Before I found out my own husband was a mind control victim (see his website for details) and spent the last several years being harrassed by strange phone calls from a seeming network of Satanists in the Mormon church and the US Government and military aircraft; I might have thought these kind of ideas were crazy, but now after these shocking life events and the research into these topics I have done I think something like this could be possible.  I think there is a reason that these kinds of ideas are usually ridiculed as "looney conspiracy theories".  People are covering up the truth.

     There is some evidence that many of the really rich and powerful people in the world are Satanists and they might seriously be planning something like this.  Why do so many of the rich, famous, and powerful people of the world such as entertainers, royalty,  and government leaders seem to love to do the one eye sign along with Satanic or masonic hand signals or handshakes: and why are they often wearing masonic or satanic symbols or sayings or including them in music videos, TV shows etc.?  It seems a bit odd.   Look up photos of the Rothschild ball (the Rothschilds are Jewish and the beliefs of many secret societies are based on a dark version of Jewish mysticism or Cabalism; and  they are one of the world's most rich and powerful banking families), they have a corpse cake at their dinner party, there are cannibalism references on the menu which is written backwards.  They are all wearing animal head and horns.  These are all signs of Satanism.  Also really research the Bush family.  They secretly funded the Nazis, were involved with the drug trade in the CIA and George Bush Senior is accussed by several victims of being a pedophile.  They also belong to Skull and Bones, a weird Yale secret society; and go to Bohemian Grove, a summer camp for the elite where the effigy of a child is sacrificed every year under a giant owl named Moloch(who was the Babylonian god of child sacrifice).  The Bushes also had close ties with Reverend Moon who led the strange Moonie cult.  These things are all rather strange for people who are supposed to be staunch Christians.   Look at the Jeffrey Epstein case, it shows that many wealthy and powerful people such as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were OK with abusing 14 year year old sex slaves, not to mention Epstein's ties with Bill Gates.  Research more for yourself, these are only a few examples of the signs of extreme corruption and strange ties with dark Occultic practices in the elite of this world.  

    Are there rich and powerful families in secret societies that secretly manipulate world leaders who are really puppets?  Are intelligence agencies their  tools?  Are modern wars just ways for wealthy elites to make money and arrange the world the way they want while us pawns are sacrificed?  Is the whole polarized political drama just a show to make us think we have a say and to distract and divide us when really the powers that be just do what they want and no one gets elected unless they work for the elite?  Are some religious organizations just tools to control and manipulate people with their spiritual beliefs and distract them from reality?  These are disturbing but important questions to ponder.

     It's certainly clear that many organizations that are full of people that are not elected in any democratic way are very powerful.  Many large corporations in the world today are an example of this such as Walmart, Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, Disney etc.  Also look at groups like the Bilderburg group, the World Economic Forum, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  What is decided in these secret forums?  Secretive government agencies like the CIA, NSA, DARPA, HAARP, etc also have a lot of power in the world and most people have no idea what they are really working on and have no say in who is in them.  Edward Snowden, a whistleblower from the NSA says their goal is "total population control".  

    Does the Mormon church have a role in this?  My husband remembers meeting some of the top leaders in the church and they were secretly Satanists.  They were also involved with the CIA and it is well known that the CIA and FBI recruit young Mormon males heavily.  He remembers being made to demonstrate what a mind slave was capable of with his friend in front of Gordon B. Hinckley.  Hinckley seemed fine with watching people be sexually abused and tortured in front of him. (Interestingly enough a 1980's video has recently surfaced on the Last American Vagabond news site showing that several witnesses stated that Hinkley secretly drank, partied, and slept with male and female prostitutes some of whom were only 14 or 15 years old in the 1960's in Salt Lake)  My husband also met with Monson who said some of the leaders in the church followed the left hand path(evil), but they needed to use the others who follow the right hand path(good).  Cathy O'Brien, another survivor of mind control says that the Mormon Church works with New World Order plans along with the Catholic Church which is also infiltrated with Satanists.  (If this is true then all the pedophilia cover-ups and torture and murder of Native American children at boarding schools does make more sense)

     The church works hard to present a certain image but subtle signs are there that all is not what it seems.  Looking online a person can easily find photos of church leaders like Thomas Monson and Gordon B. Hinckley doing what looks like masonic handshakes with people like Dick Cheney and George Bush Jr.  BYU gave an honorary degree to Dick Cheney.  Why would they do this? Why associate with men who have a fairly questionable record with honesty in the gulf war with their supposed "weapons of mass destruction" that got us into a war where many innocent Iraqi civilians and US soldiers were killed, not to mention the fishy nature of 9/11 itself where towers collapsed in ways that many structural engineers say is quite impossible.  Cathy O'Brien has called out Dick Cheney as an abuser in her books where she says he sexually abused her and also engaged in the hunting of human beings.  My husband also has an awful memory that involves Dick Cheney where he was made to kill someone in front of him as a "test" of his quality as a pentagon level mind slave.   These are some indications that Dick Cheney is really no latter day saint.  Around the time these men were meeting with church leaders, Gordon B. Hinkley gave a speech at general conference that advocated for LDS military people to go and "do their duty" in the gulf war because it was a "just" war. 


    Recently church leaders met with leaders of the Catholic church, I found this quite strange because I remember that many Mormons look at the Catholic church as the "great and abominable church" in the Book of Mormon.  It makes more sense if both church's elite are secretly working towards a new world order and perhaps a one world religion.  Notice also how the church leaders have endorsed all of the extremely restrictive Covid protocol following the procedures of other global leaders.  There have also been obscure financial ties between the LDS church and the Rothschilds through the years.  For one example, a talk given once at BYU  was about how the Rothschilds family is a good example to emulate as far as managing family finances.  These are all odd little things that are clues to what the Mormon church is really all about.

     The LDS church is linked with Freemasonry which is an occult based secret society, Joseph Smith was a Freemason (interestingly, he was mysteriously and quickly raised to the 33rd degree in Nauvoo) as were other prophets and the temple ceremony is very similar to a Freemasonic initiation.  There are Freemasonic symbols all over many Mormon temples incluing upside down pentagrams which are used as the symbol for Satanism and Masonry.  There is evidence the Freemasons  secretly worship Lucifer at the upper levels of the organization and have schemed through the centuries to influence and control world events. (see writings of Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall)   Is the church just a freemasonic front used to control people's minds and take their money?  This seems extremely likely to me.  Maybe this is an explanation for why the Mormon church is secretly infiltrated by Satanists and seems to have amibitions of world power.  

     It is interesting to note that the LDS church is such a wealthy and powerful global entity with well developed global communication.  If someone did try to install a world government, the Mormons would be useful because there are groups of Mormons around the world who are already brainwashed to unquestionably obey their leaders.  Why is there such an emphasis on wealth and investment  in the church anyway if it really is just a spiritual organization?  Their recent investment fund scandal shows that they heavily invested in large corporations like pharmaceutical companies and big tech.  It seems odd and unChristianlike that the LDS church spends so much of their money on investments and building fancy church buildings and temples when they could be helping the poor or doing other good works.  They seem more like the corporation of Lucifer than the church of Jesus Christ. Interestingly enough, Luciferians are said to really worship human knowledge and technology above all else and they believe in attaining this through any means especially for an elite few with nothing about nature or human life being held sacred.   It's looking like this obsession with technology could include things like transhumanism and the extreme manipulation of nature and our food in the near future.   

    Awareness and noncompliance are key to stopping people who would like to activate such nefarious schemes.  I have no faith that  people who would want something like a global control state would really care about the people and other living things of our beautiful Earth in any way.  People should educate themselves from a wide range of sources and critically analyze events and people in the world to find out what is really going on.  Don't get carried away with believing in one social, political, or religious side.  We are constantly being manipulated by media and organizations (such as universities and think tanks) that are controlled by the elite and the CIA (both liberal and conservative) to think only in certain categories and to waste our time fighting amongst ourselves.  My husband's Uncle who was his CIA handler is a good example of this in that he is a professor that writes articles for a libertarian think tank whose positive spin on some kind of technological utopia future is very likely to be a bunch of bologna designed to keep certain people complacent with the current world order which is really heading into a new world order where there will be complete corporate and elite control along with a depopulation agenda and the use of mind control technology to keep the remaining people slaves.

     The Covid pandemic response of the last few years is another good thing to consider.  It seems pretty fishy that the virus came from Wuhan China which has a level 4 bioweapons lab, the U.S. has also done somewhat mysterious work on dangerous viruses at Fort Detrick for years.  Why did Bill Gates do a simulation of a world Corona epidemic in October of 2019 called Event 201?  He's been wanting to force digital vaccine passports on the world for quite some time.  Is this a manufactured crisis to take our freedoms away?  Why are we being forced to live in lockdowns and to wear masks and get vaccines for a virus that statistics show has a survival rate of 99.95 percent in people under 70 years old?  Perhaps the virus is as terribly dangerous as it is made out to be, did they purposely develop it and send it out in the world?  The vaccines people are being forced to take also seem to have quite a high rate of side effects and deaths and it seems people are going to need an endless series of boosters.  Are they using the disease and the vaccines to accomplish two purposes, get rid of some people and reset the world into a different social and economic structure? 

    The recent endless string of mass shootings are also suspect.  Are they using mind control to produce shooters?  There is some evidence this is so with some shooters stating that they were being manipulated by the Feds.  Also, there is some evidence that the CIA and other intelligence agencies secretly fund terrorist groups.  Are they secretly creating endless enemies for us to fight so the military industrial complex always makes money off wars?  It is foolish to blindly trust the mainstream media which is owned by elites and manipulated by the CIA through operation Mockingbird.  Notice how many social media companies like Facebook are acting as "thought police" and censoring anything that conflicts with the accepted narrative.  Certain people seem to want us to think only one way.  Our perceptions are being controlled.  Recent events unfolding around the world involving the covid vaccines which have indeed caused many serious injuries and deaths in innocent people ( check the data on VAERS); and the development of a WW3 scenario as well as a domino effect food and energy emergency in the world caused by the Ukraine war which shows evidence of being very manipulated behind the scenes by the CIA and elite warmongers (notice  also the scary hints about war with China).  These all illustrate my above points about manufactured crisis being created by rotten people to manipulate the world.  If we wish to avoid a scary Luciferian slave state then we need to WAKE UP and FREE OUR MINDS and stop blindly following devious people who only worship power, greed, and evil!