There are all different levels of mind control that go on in the Mormon church.  Members don't live in a compound separated from outsiders and have to always unquestionably obey their leaders like something extreme as in the Jim Jones community or David Koresh and the Branch Davidians who ended up being so brainwashed they died for the cult. (incidently there is evidence that both were CIA mind control experiments)  Still the LDS church has many characteristics of a very controlling organization.  Although most Mormons would laugh at the idea of it being a cult, they should take an objective look at the fact that they are supposed to unquestionably obey their prophet who is supposed to take guidance directly from God and Jesus.    

       Mormons are kept very busy with activites and all the things they are supposed to be doing to be a "rightous person".  (journalling, scripture study, family history, home and visiting teaching, callings, etc. etc).  They don't have a whole lot of time even to think critically about their beliefs and they are constantly meeeting with others with similar beliefs that reinforce theirs.  I've observed that people often stay in the church because of not wanting to have to endure the disapproval of family which is especially important if you come from a strict Mormon family.  When you leave you are often treated like an outcast lost soul who is probably going around secretly doing something bad and will go to "outer darkness" in the afterlife.  You have to be a strong person to endure this.  There is also the factor of loss of community and the disapproval of friends.   

     Another big factor in the controlling of people's thoughts in the church is information control.  The church deliberately teaches only a certain very positive version of its history and never mentions that much of its scriptural basis is pretty questionable as far as authenticity.  For example, did you ever hear in sunday school that there really is no archeological evidence for the story in the Book of Mormon?  In the B of M the people are supposed to have domestic animals like sheep, goats, and elephants.  They also fought wars with supposed metal swords.  There is no evidence that in pre-Spanish conquest times anyone in the Americas had old world domestic animals.  There is also zero evidence of metallurgy in the Americas other than for ornaments.  The Aztecs fought the Spaniards with obsidian blade weapons, they were still in the stone age even though they did have a very advanced civilization.  Also, the papyrus that Joseph Smith used to translate the Pearl of Great Price has been found and translated by Egyptologists and it really has nothing to do with anything Joseph Smith said it did.   There is also the problem that genetic evidence shows that Native Americans really have nothing to do with Jewish people.  These are big problems when you are running a church based on these scriptures.  Why are these facts never mentioned? 

     There is also the issue of church history.  Historical accounts show that Joseph Smith went around looking for treasure in his youth using a seer stone that he would put in his hat to magically "see" where the treasure was.  Some neighbor's accounts say that sometimes he would sacrifice a black sheep to stop the demons who steal treasures from taking the money back into the Earth.  He was tried in court for being a "glass looker" which is someone who uses scrying or psychically seeing things in a stone or glass or crystal ball etc.  Joseph and his family were fond of the occult and folk magic.  Joseph and his brother were Freemasons and had occultic artifacts like a Jupiter Medallion and a Masonic dagger and parchment.  There are also accounts that Joseph married many women supposedly at the direction of God without his first wife knowing; some of these were very young as in 14 years old.  There is evidence Brigham Young had some people executed in a manner called Blood Atonement where their throats were slit because they had sinned so badly that Chirst's atonement would not work for them.  Some of these people's only sin was leaving the church.  Overall, there seems to be quite a few reasons to believe that there were some really strange things going on at the beginnings of the church which puts the whole organization in question as to why these things are always repressed and why the "brethren"  keep on going with running the church if it possibly could be a big con.

       I have always noticed that within the church a certain attitude of irrationality and inability to look at the truth is cultivated.  People who are curious and look into things that are not "church approved" such as historical evidence that puts the church in a negative light are characterized as bad and as being tempted by the Devil.  The church is represented as being assaulted by the forces of Satan or anti-Mormons who just want to bring the church down because it is the only true church of God on Earth.  This constant fearful  messaging makes members start to think that looking at things critically or rationally is an evil thing to do.  This makes it hard for people to think outside the box of their beliefs and anyone who does do this is villified. 

     There is also a tendency within the Mormon organization to discourage any kind of conflict or confrontation.  Everyone is always supposed to be "nice" and never say anything unpleasant or negative even when there is an issue that really needs to be worked out.  This encourages everyone to repress their feelings until they escape in various dysfunctional passive aggressive ways.  People are encouraged to immediately"forgive and forget" in situations where that is really not appropriate like sexual abuse.  In general people are encouraged to be easily led and too nice to make any fuss about anything even if it is something extremely bad.  This starts to become a form of control through sugar coated insanity.

      Listed above are the more every day forms of mind control in the LDS church.  Many people have discussed them in books and other forums.  Most people are not aware, though, that the corruption of the church goes to a much deeper and darker place than this.  Most would probably dismiss a more extreme form of mind control going on in the LDS church, but I can testify from my own personal experience that it is the truth.  The Mormon church also has MK-Ultra mind control going on in it.   MK-Ultra mind control is a technique developed by ancient occult groups, the Nazis, and the CIA.  It is a little known fact in America, but after WWII the American government brought over Nazi scientists who had worked on mind control techniques in the concentration camps.  They did secret research in mind control here in the U.S.  Much of their research was extremely unethical and used unwitting subjects as well as children.  They developed techniques to control people's minds through splitting their personality.  They did this through torture, drugs, hypnosis, and electric shock.  If a person is put through enough trauma, their mind will compartmentalize it and they will consciously forget it.  They will also be easily led.  Hypnosis and electric shock can also be used to erase people's conscious memories, drugs can be added to thoroughly confuse them.  Control through electromagnetic devices was also studied as a way to control people's brain remotely with human implants and without.  Want to Know is a good website to start doing research about the basics of MK-Ultra/Monarch mind control.

     This program is supposed to have ended in 1977, but mind control programming has secretly gone on in the government and also in the entertainment industries.  Some examples of some more recent victims that have come forward are Paul Bonacci of the Franklin Cover Up  and Fiona Barnett who wrote Eyes Wide Open about her experiences with MK-Ultra mind control in Australia.  Many celebrities show signs of Monarch programming also.  (Vigilant Citizen is a website that has a wealth of information about this).  Michael Jackson and Britney Spears are a couple of obvious examples.  My husband experienced mind control programming where he was tortured and abused all through his childhood by his Uncle, Grandfather and Father who all pretended to be fine "righteous" Mormon men.  Appearances are often deceiving and these slimeballs hid behind their lies and deceit.  They did this so he could develop a multiple personality, where some personalities could be used for missions of assassination and sex slavery in the CIA and the LDS church and he would not even remember what he had done.  See my husband's website, for more information.

        There are other survivors who have also reported that the LDS church is involved with MK-Ultra or Monarch mind control.  Cathy O'Brien, who is a vocal survivor of mind control programs says in her book Tranceformation of America  that she met George Romney(father of MItt Romney) in Michigan as a young girl.  He said that he planned on bringing Monarch mind control into the Mormon church  to more effectively control the people through harmonics(sound vibration mind control) and to produce mind slaves that would do missions for the CIA and FBI.  She remembers attending a Mormon church in Louisianna when she was under mind control and witnessing the bishop's storehouse there being used as a cocaine storage area for the secret CIA drug trade.

    Kristy Allen is another survivor who states that her family was involved with MK-Ultra mind control.  Her story can be found online on a youtube video of her testimony before the International Tribunal of Natural Justice.  She came from a family of famous LDS singers and she and her sisters experienced programming at underground government centers.  She remembers witnessing Thomas Monson sacrificing a baby under the Salt Lake City temple before general conference and having to save her younger sister from a similar fate.   I have listened to other accounts of victims of Satanic and mind control abuse in the church but most are anonymous because they are too fearful to reveal their identity.  Recently I have also become aware of another LDS satanic ritual abuse and mind control survivor who has a website about her experience named Asia Raine.  She relates her own experience and also uses her site, Letters To the People as a platform for other survivors.  

     In 1990 Elder Glenn Pace wrote a memo to the Strengthening the Membership Committee of the LDS Church about Satanic Ritual Abuse secretly going on in the church.  He said he had met with sixty victims and that could of been a much higher number if he had the time.  These victims said they had been forced to participate in Satanic rituals mostly by family members where they were often tortured and abused for the purpose of dissociating their minds.  A majority said they had witnessed or been made to participate in human sacrifice.

       Many people are suing the church for covering up pedophilia.  Russell Nelson's daughter was recently sued for hosting pedophillic touching parties where multiple children were disgustingly abused.  Numerous other people are suing the LDS church for covering up pedophilia.  One has to ask, why would a "Godly" institution systematially cover up pedophilia?  The church also has a long history of run of the mill corruption.  Recently a whistleblower informed the IRS that the church has been hoarding a giant tithing fund worth 100 billion, none of this money was ever donated to any charity. 

    To all the skeptics, who would dismiss that the LDS church is involved in anything dark, I would say this is a fairly large number of people saying similar things that involve evil and corruption in the church at all different levels.  It is interesting that the bizarre accounts of Satanism, mind control, and sexual aberration in the elite of the church are so similar.  I don't think all these different people are getting together and comparing notes and making up a story.  I know we certainly didn't know anything about Satanism or mind control in the Mormon church before my husband remembered his past.  Even though all these questionable things go on, most people in the church turn a blind eye and think the church is a good institution run by "Godly" men.   Most of the people in the church are good people and It is not very pleasant to face an ugly truth about an organization that you have counted on for your spiritual beliefs and have spent time serving but the truth is the truth.   Feel free to research any of this information for yourself to see if it is true.  Institutions like the LDS church only have as much power as people give them.   It is always up to the individual to turn and walk away from a church that is deceiving and hurting people along with participating in dark and evil practices.