My name is Kate Storey.  I am a homeschool teacher and housewife who has a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the University of Idaho.  I grew up going to Mormon church in Southern Idaho.  My family came from pioneer stock that originally  relocated to Utah in the 1800's because of the LDS church.  We were partially active in the church.  My Dad said he believed in the basic tenets about being a good person, Jesus's teachings etc..and he baptized all his kids because it was our family's religion, but he seemed to find the modern church too conformist for his taste.  He also smoked cigarettes and drank beer so according to the Word of Wisdom rules he was out of line.  He said if he had free agency like the church teaches, then he could choose not to go.  My brothers also chose not to attend after they were a certain age.  My Mother was the one who went regularly, and so for most of my childhood, I accompanied her and attended primary, sunday school, sacrament, and later young women activities.  Most of the people in my ward were very kind, good people, and I remember no really bad experiences with them, mostly good.

         When I became a teenager, however, I started to think I didn't really like the church much anymore.  I was always kind of more the free spirit type of person and all the convoluted doctrine, requirements, and conformity really did not jive with me.  I loved walking out in the desert and the mountains and I thought there seemed much more of the divine out there than at Mormon church.  I also did not like the church's disconnect from nature and it's somewhat strange and repressive view of the body and sexuality.  My parents had quite a stock of National Geographics around the house and I read them often and started to think that the archeology of the Americas sure didn't quite conform with what was supposed to be going on there in the Book of Mormon.  So when I was about 14 I quit going to church.  This didn't make my mother happy or my older sister and her husband who were my only other active LDS family members.  I stuck with my guns, though, even through some judgement and ridicule at that young age because I just felt strongly inside that it was not right for me.  Over the years, my not being Mormon has affected my relationship with my mother and sister in a negative way I would say, I have distanced myself somewhat, even though we in general have an OK relationship; because I have felt that I am not allowed to have an opinion and can't have an honest discussion about beliefs with them.  

     Through the years I grew up, got married, and became a mother, through it all I was interested in spirituality and explored many different types of belief systems.  I have learned about Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American beliefs, Christianity, Wicca, and more.  I also read some books that made me view the LDS church a bit more negatively than before.  I read Martha Beck's Leaving the Saints, and I was disturbed that BYU basically censored its professors from ever teaching information that conflicted with strict doctrine.  It was also rotten that there were no repercussions for her father in the church after she exposed his abuse.  I also read Sonia Johnson's From Housewife to Heretic where she details how she came to be excommunicated for supporting the Equal Rights Amendment for women.  It seemed pretty unfair to me that she was not allowed to have her own political beliefs in a supposedly Godly institution.  Gordon B. Hinckley's blatent lies about organizing groups of women to oppose the ammendment were also disturbing. 

     So I came to think the church seemed to have some corruption problems and was rather weird and controlling, but I mostly did not spend much time thinking of Mormonism because I had my own different spiritual beliefs by then and I found it kind of tiresome after my experiences as a teenager.  I mostly kept a fairly neutral attitude towards it and thought if some people like it and it helps them to be better people, then that's their business.  I certainly did not suspect at that time that there could be something truly evil going on in the LDS church.  My husband's family was also mostly LDS and I would say my experience with them was also sometimes tiresome when it came to religion because they were more zealous about the church and they were also more judgmental and pushy about us not being Mormon anymore.  We still maintained a friendly enough relationship with them in general, although it was always odd and distant and we didn't know why.  For the sake of keeping the peace with family members in general I was not overly critical of the LDS church. 

       This all changed a few years ago when a major bombshell was dropped into my life.  I now believe the LDS church and other institutions of power in our world have truly evil things going on in them and should be exposed for what they are.  That is my purpose for creating this website because awareness is the first step in ending these kind of abuses.  In the Spring of 2017, my husband J.R. began to remember a series of rather horrid and bizarre things about his family and past that he had not been able to remember before.  He started remembering that he had been secretely abused by family members and that he had been used as an assassin and sex slave for the CIA and Mormon church.  After a few years he slowly has regained many of his repressed memories and they are numerous and very detailed.  We have realized that he is a survivor of MK Ultra type mind control.  For the details of my husband's story see his website  After he remembered, we were frequently harrassed by strange phone calls from places and people associated with his past, military aircraft flying over our house and even more sinister events like scenarios that convincingly looked like attempts to get rid of us. Shortly after my husband confronted his parents about his memories, they sent out the sheriff to our house to check if he was suicidal and homicidal.  Interestingly enough people who wake up from mind control are supposed to be suicidal and homicidal.  It's disturbing to know that my husband's parents considered me and their own grandchildren and son as expendable in their demented devotion to God/Lucifer and Country.

     They created a story to tell his siblings that we are crazy and live a hard drug "lifestyle".  This is ridiculously untrue.  My husband and I have tried drugs like marijuana or psychedelics a few times in our lives but I have definitely never been someone who does them on a regular basis at all, in fact I suffer from an autoimmune disease and have to maintain an extremely healthy diet and lifestyle in order to feel basically healthy and able to function in life.   My husband also has never been any kind of hard drug doer; he only regularly uses some marijuana medicinally because he suffers from anxiety and problems stemming from having a multiple personality disorder.  I haven't noticed we are crazy either.  Crazy people usually can't hold down a job or continue with their normal lives which we have been doing through all this despite  working through something pretty awful, and if my husband's memories are all in his mind then all of our family must be crazy because we've all observed our strange harrassment by aircraft and many weird telephone calls along with other never ending harrassments.  Recently there was a strange incident where they tried to take my husband's driver's licence away by creating a false charge in a DMV database and one of his relatives involved has threatened us with a lawsuit for speaking out.  It seems certain people are very eager to keep this whole thing quiet.  My husband has several scars that correlate with his recovered memories and he also has nothing to gain from remembering such awful things; he would have to have quite the imagination to make these experiences up.  His memories are very bizarre and about things we never talked, thought about; or knew about prior to his remembering.  It seems pretty odd my husband's relatives have had to push their discrediting storyline.  They act like people with something to hide. 

     We have had to totally cut off all contact with my husband's family and relocate from our home in Idaho for our safety and to hopefully escape the worst of the harrassment we have endured. My husband's uncle, father, and grandfather were the main family memebers secretly involved with the CIA and a Satanic group that operates in the Mormon church while they pretended to be upstanding Mormon men.  To put it mildly, we have been extremely shocked, traumatized, and disturbed to realize the Mormon church and our government are secretly involved with such evil practices and that my husband and our family are personally involved.